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Radio project showcased in Tanzania

Our humanitarian response project covered at World Press Freedom Day, Arusha - May 2022

We were delighted to be invited to showcase our radio project funded by Elrha at the 2022 World Press Freedom Day - Africa Media Convention. This prestigious and important event was organised by UNESCO Arusha, Tanzania in May 2022 and opened officially by the President of Tanzania. Focusing on editorial independence in the context of humanitarian and security crises, we contributed to the key recommendations in the Declaration

Experiences from Burkina Faso, Madagascar and Central African Republic

We used this opportunity to highlight the importance of radio amongst internally displaced persons in Burkina Faso and the key role it plays in providing accurate and timely information and debunking misinformation.

We spoke about the experiences of listeners in affected communities and how they use radio to remain informed about the security situation, necessary aid, and also their home villages. A video from our project can be found on the 'Video' tab. This resulted from our project which analysed the impact of misinformation and disinformation on internally displaced people (IDP) and also looked at their information needs in the context of Burkina Faso.

Dr Emma Heywood, representing FemmePowermentAfrique and the University of Sheffield, spoke alongside Brice Ndangoui, editor-in-chief of Radio Ndeke Luka (Central African Republic), Tsantanahary Haimgombaliha, deputy editor-in-chief of Studio Sifaka (Madagascar), Hyacinthe Sanou, editor-in-chief of Studio Yafa (Burkina Faso), and Nicolas Boissez, Fondation Hirondelle.

Our discussions and presentations focused on the role of local media and journalists in contexts of multiple and deteriorating crises and the need for local media to maintain their editorial independence to ensure the provision of timely and accurate information,



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