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Swisspeace features our work in Burkina Faso in its À Propos Magazine!

Updated: May 25, 2021

We are delighted that Swisspeace, the practice and research institute dedicated to advancing effective peacebuilding, has featured our ongoing project with internally displaced radio audiences in Burkina Faso in their November 2020 issue.

Please click here to read their news piece: 'Using traditional media to deal with "infodemic"'

Providing accurate, regular, and timely information on life-impacting issues such as Covid-19 is vital for everyone, but especially for vulnerable groups such as displaced persons,” explains Dr. Emma Heywood. “Radio is often their main source of information. Working with a reliable Burkinabe radio source and through active collaboration, we hope not only to raise awareness among these people of best practices relating to the Covid-19 crisis, but also to ensure that the voices of these communities are heard.



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